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Come Flow With Me!



At Sprout San Francisco, 1943 W. Division, Chicago

Starting January 2020!

Saturdays 10-11am

Just for you, Mamas to-be! This is a great class to help you stay active, prepare for labor, manage common aches and pains of pregnancy, and meet other pregnant women.


At Sprout San Francisco, 1943 W. Division, Chicago

Starting January 2020!

Saturdays 11:30am-12:30pm

Moms, dads, grandparents, and other caretakers are welcome to bring their babies to this fun, playful class! We will work on exercises for you and your baby, including baby massage to assist with sleep and digestion. This class is best for babies not quite crawling, but all are welcome.


Zen Yoga Garage, 1845 N Milwaukee Ave, Chicago

Monday and Friday 5:45am Flow Burn

Wednesday 5:15pm Buddha Burn

Check out Zen's website for the most up to date schedule!


At Corepower Yoga in Bucktown
1704 N Milwaukee Ave, Chicago

Monday 5:15pm Yoga Sculpt

Saturday 7:15am C2


Designed For You and Your Life

  • Prenatal Yoga

  • Postpartum Yoga

  • Baby and me Yoga

  • Yoga for Kids

  • Family Yoga

  • Yoga for Fertility

  • Vinyasa Yoga

  • Yoga Sculpt (weights needed)

  • Goat Yoga (BYOG!)

  • Ayurvedic Yoga Consultations

Stretch with Block
Pregnant women sitting on mats touching
Group Yoga Session


Sometimes your practice needs to be personal. Take the time to work on achieving your own goals, at your own pace, on your schedule.


If you're looking for a more intimate setting, but still want the benefits of practicing in a community, this is a great option for you! (2-5 people)


Add a fitness and wellness component to your wedding weekend or bachelorette party, gather friends for a birthday, anniversary, family reunion, or any other special occasion.



My Path to Yoga

As a teenager, I had major back surgery that left me feeling as though most physical activities were off limits. It was through yoga that I slowly began to regain my confidence and develop a passion for fitness. While working on my personal yoga practice, I discovered physical strength as well as a sense of peace.  I also found power and community while practicing with others. After many years as a yoga student, I decided to take on a new challenge and become a yoga instructor. I was trained to teach power (vinyasa) yoga as well as yoga sculpt. Going through teacher training taught me so much about yoga, as well as self care and inner strength. As a lifelong student, I decided to continue my training and become certified in prenatal and postpartum yoga.  I am excited to work with these women to help them find strength and joy during a very special stage of life. 

This fall, I embarked on a new journey to become an Ayurvedic Yoga Specialist through the Himalayan Institute.  I loved being back into the classroom and learning more about how yoga and ayurveda can help heal our bodies and minds.

The name Happy Warrior Wellness came from a letter my grandpa wrote to my mom in 1962, offering her advice and insight during a trying time. Though things have changed markedly in the world since then, the advice is still applicable: Be a happy warrior. Fight with your heart and your soul and your might, but never become bitter.



Bringing yoga to every body

It is my goal to bring yoga to every-body.  Yoga offers countless benefits for each unique body at every stage of life.  Whether it’s developing stamina, maintaining mobility, or aiding in digestion and sleep, yoga is a practice that can be shared with everybody.  While yoga is beneficial for everyone physically, it can also be emotionally empowering. The focus on mind-body connection in yoga is one that deepens the physical experience to bring insight and peace to each individual's practice. Plus, yoga is pretty fun!



I’m fairly new to yoga, and Rachel does a fantastic job of making you feel comfortable while teaching proper form throughout the different parts of class. She is excellent at reading the energy of the room and adjusting exercises to find something that everyone will enjoy. The hour is never boring and always worthwhile. I highly recommend Rachel’s sculpt class, and get ready for a great full body workout!

I really enjoy taking classes with Rachel. I'm new to yoga but she always takes the time to explain and show the positions as well as options for modifications so I can build up my abilities. She makes class fun and always a little different as well so I don't get bored. She has even held my son through part of a mommy and baby yoga class! So I can say with 100% certainty Rachel is kid tested and mother approved!

Jack, Yoga Sculpt

Giselle, Baby and Me Yoga

Rachel is a wonderful yoga teacher! She brings a ton of fun and energy to the class that you forget about how hard you're crushing it.  However, you feel it the next day!  The perfect combination!

Kathy, Yoga Sculpt

Rachel is a fantastic yoga instructor.  Rachel's style can best be described as combining the down to earth vivacious of Richard Simmons with the depth and tenacity of Jillian Michels.  In all seriousness, Rachel makes her classes into a personalized experience with timely adjustments and unique sequences.  Even in a large group setting, Rachel makes her classes feel like a one-on-one experience. Her knowledge of 90s boy bands is also robust.

Chris, Yoga Sculpt

I look forward to Rachel's yoga class every week... which is saying something, considering the thorough butt kicking she delivers. Rachel can make a very difficult class feel approachable to even the newest of the newbies. When I leave her class, sufficiently destroyed, she somehow makes me feel like I owned it. All the while her jams perfectly balance your favorite throwbacks and the hip new stuff the kids are listening to... and manage to keep me dancing, even when I'm about to collapse.

I first met Rachel about 2 years ago when I attended one of her Sculpt classes at CorePowerYoga. Not only is she a great teacher and instructor, but I quickly came to think of her as a friend. She is so warm and approachable that going to her classes is always something I look forward to -- even on a Saturday! Her classes are both challenging and fun and she plays great music. As luck would have it, I found out that I was pregnant shortly after I found out that Rachel completed her certification in prenatal yoga. I was super excited because I knew immediately that I would be attending her classes! Exercise, especially yoga, is supposed to be great for expecting mothers, however it can be daunting to know where to start and what is safe. Knowing that I can trust Rachel to guide me through a safe and beneficial practice was such a relief. I highly recommend taking a class with Rachel no matter where you are in your yoga journey!

Sheila, Yoga Sculpt

Jasmine, Prenatal and Yoga Sculpt



Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT), December 2016

Corepower Yoga

Certified Yoga Sculpt Teacher, May 2017

Corepower Yoga

Prenatal and Postnatal Yoga Teacher (RPYS), May 2019

Amala School of Yoga

Children's Yoga Teacher, January 2020

Kidding Around Yoga